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Water Features, Palm Beach County Hardscape Pros

When you’re thinking about the options and features available to enhance your outdoor living space, you should definitely bet on water features since they are not only stunning but also quite possible to adapt to the space you have available and create different designs and styles with the right contractors in charge of the project. At Palm Beach County Hardscape Pros, we are proud to be one of the few companies in the city and almost the entire state that can work with water features of all natures: fountains, ponds, streams, and waterfalls.

Water features are particularly our favorite hardscape elements since they just make the entire outdoor space a new feeling and life. You know you have a paradise outdoors when you can fit a feature there that makes you think about the ocean or rivers all day long.

The challenge with any of the water features available is how they need to be built, installed, and before anything else, designed if you want to make sure they won’t bring more problems than benefits to your properties.

Our job as experienced and qualified contractors is to make sure that you have a design that not only meets your expectations and preferences but is also ideal for the outdoor living space and can bring only benefits, thanks to how careful we are during construction and installation.

Now, with so many styles and options available, we know most people struggle trying to determine what the best water feature is and which one they will choose for their spaces. As people who have been working for over two decades in this industry, we know this is the hardest part of the project since most people either know what they want but not what they don’t or vice versa, making the process more difficult for themselves.

This Is How We Make Your Outdoors Come to Life

When we are working with your outdoors, and you have your mind set on having any of the possible water features, we want you to define that ‘any’ and decide which one you would like and how we can help you get the perfect size for it.

Although small spaces are a bit more limited, it isn’t impossible to create any of the four options available as long as you are aware of the limitation itself and the fact our contractors will need to work around it.

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That being said, we always go for natural settings where you have a waterfall that will make you feel like you are in a small place in the mountains or maybe near the river. They are amazing if you want to block out neighborhood noise and enjoy listening to the water falling all day long.

Waterfalls are, however, not the best option if what you are trying to get is something very light in terms of the water and the splash sound it produces. There are several ways to handle the process and have a system that produces serene ripples and not too much splash sound, but this would usually take more work and money when you have very similar options available.

We often recommend waterfalls if you are really into them, and we can even place a system to turn them off and on when needed. So, you won’t have to overthink it too much, either.

Meanwhile, garden ponds are very popular since they offer that water feature you want and can play with without all the noise and splash sound waterfalls usually produce. They are often chosen when homeowners or clients want to have fish and water plants in the space as well, so it ends up being quite a functional feature of the space.

If you like fish, we totally recommend ponds as they will allow you to provide them with a more unique and natural space that is limited but won’t make them feel cramped, and you get the chance to have them in a beautiful space enhancing its beauty.

Finally, fountains and streams are usually chosen for people who want to add ponds as well, but they can go by themselves in any outdoor living space. It is a matter of choosing a good design that will bring life to the space and won’t feel like simple décor in the area.

We know what worries most people with fountains is how dull they can end up being the longer they see them and have them installed. However, the key is having such a unique and irreplicable design that you won’t grow tired of it.

We love having stones and special streams that go along the fountain up to the end, so the water circulates and brings a new feeling and design to the space.

There is a lot to do and choose from, and the idea is that you only need to make a choice and combination. If you aren’t clear, we can always start by providing recommendations of what would look better and how we can bring all your preferences and style into the final design and feature of your choice.

Do Water Features Require Lots of Maintenance?

Yes and no. they can prove to be far from relaxing if you leave them hanging for too long. If you, however, keep low maintenance over the week or a few times a week, you will be able to forget about the entire issue that it can bring.

Since you’re dealing with water, you have to remember that it takes more work than just having a pergola or solid features installed in your outdoors. Therefore, yes, they require maintenance, but we wouldn’t say lots of it.

You need to work around the electrical source to ensure everything is working well and that your pump is accessible and in the right place. Meanwhile, high-quality components and cleaning of the water are needed.

Of course, it is our job to ensure all the sources, circuits, pumps, and elements are in place and working perfectly since this will help you just have a look once in a while and worry less about everything working.

Let our team guide you through the process of how you have to maintain your water feature and how easy it can be with the proper guidelines. You won’t dedicate your life to it, but you ought to pay just some attention, and we will make sure at Palm Beach County Hardscape Pros that everything’s in place and clean for your enjoyment and beautiful design.